Pacers trade: Dunleavy, Foster, TPE
Pacers get: Josh Smith, J. collins

Nuggets trade: Carmelo
Nuggets get: Derrick Favors, Dunleavy, Damion James, 2011+2013 1st round picks from Nets.

Nets trade: Devin Harris, Favors, Damion James, 2 1st rounders
Nets recieve: Carmelo

Hawks trade: Josh Smith, J. Collins
Hawks get: Devin Harris, Jeff Foster, 854.4K TPE

Hawks get a young PG who is an obvious upgrade over what they have and over Jeff Teague and a solid experienced backup center. j. collins is nothing but a bench warmer anyways.

Nets get Carmelo

Nuggets get a great young prospect, experienced veteran SF who is an expiring, and another young prospect who is a SF. and 2 future 1st's.

Pacers get Josh smith for Dunleavy and foster

Hibbert/Solo/J. collins/ JMac?