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    This is from tolbert's chat from yesterday....

    Hey Tom, is this safe to assume or is this idea just a far-fetched fantasy...with the West having all the dominant big men, and the East falling short year after year, the Eastern teams keep getting good draft position...therefore getting better picks of the rising talent of the NCAA. Years from now, when the young talent of big men start to accumulate in the East, such as UNC's Sean May or UConn's Emeka Okafur, will the East eventually be able to contend with the West again? Is it only a matter of years till the balance of interior talent levels out again if the East can properly develop the young talent because even though the West has the majority of big men, they are getting older(if you consider the late 20's old) while the East is yet to see their big men realize their potential (i.e. Curry and Chandler, Boozer, Martin, Darko, Gooden, RJ, Sweetney...maybe theres still hope for Kwame?) Well theres no doubt theres a shortage, but will the scales ever be balanced again? Thanks, your the man Tom, tell that Walton to hush up.

    Tom Tolbert: It's all cyclical. It was the East for a long time. When the Pistons and Bulls were winning, it wasn't about big men it was guard oriented. So there are a lot of factors, not necessarily just the interior. 8 out of 10 years the east won. Then the Pistons, and Bulls, and the Rockets snuck in there. Don't worry about it. Give it maybe 4 years and the East will start to resurface. Look and Indiana, they're playing some good ball. What goes around comes around. Wait it out.
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    I never believed that crap anyway. It's not the whole Western Conference versus the Eastern Conference in the Finals. It's not just one game. It's one team (from each Conf.) in a series. I don't know how people can just flat-out say,"Nobody from the East can win the championship this year because the East is so weak." It makes me want to go "Shaq" on them (ala Shaq versus Brad Miller in Chicago ).

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