This trade would be dependent on how much Philly would like to shed salary, how much Orlando is willing to take on, and how much we are willing to use our cap space to make a splash now.

Indiana gets: Andre Iguodala
Jason Richardson
Daniel Orton
Orlando gets: Jeff Foster
Elton Brand
Philly gets: TJ Ford
Mike Dunleavy
Chris Duhon
Top 3 Protected 1st Rd pick
Indiana gets both defense and scoring in the back court and a very young PF with potential plus frees up time for AJ Price

Orlando gets two big bodies to compete with the Celtics and Lakers of the league but do have to take on a lot of salary with Brand. It's basically an all in deal for Orlando

Philly unloads around $130 in salary and will be stuck with the $12 owed Duhon but get a mid range 1st rounder. It could be sweetened by giving either Paul George or Lance Stephenson to Philly. I would give Lance, but I would not give up George, Philly is getting to shed too much salary the way it is.