So, not sure how much media about this win streak is in Indiana, but the Uconn Women are playing a game tomorrow to tie the 88 game win streak. It's against OSU, who are a top team. (Sammy Prahalis, OSU's star, is an interesting point guard. Incredibly talanted but can easily be taken out of her game because of her emotions. )

It's on at 2:30 on ESPN U. If they win, the game to break the streak is on ESPN2 Tuesday at 7, if anyone's interested.

Kelly Farris is a sophomore from Indiana. She's really an incredible basketball player, would probably be one of the best players in the country if she could score. Truly, she's Uconn's best defender (possibly best defender Uconn has ever had.) one of our best ball handlers, our best passer (she has a really good assist/turover ratio, 3 to 1, which until about 2 games ago, was an even more ridiculous 5 to 1 assist to turnover ratio...and she's a wing, not a PG..not sure why we haven't tried her at PG though.) and a fantastic rebounder for a guard. Essentially, she's had games where she was one of the best, if not the best, player on the court without scoring a single point. She's an interesting player, and worth checking out.