Where is Josh McRoberts? During the Pacer's second quarter comeback he was the disruptive force who injected chaos amongst the Bulls and provided valuable offensive rebounds for the Pacers.

The he was out. Like a fat kid in dodgeball.

I don't get it. Why is Josh McRoberts trusted to start, but not trusted to close? Are the two not mutually important? Is it not equally important to start and to finish well? If so, then why no start Solomon Jones? If the Pacer's coach staff is saying, "We don't trust Josh McRoberts to close, but we trust Solomon Jones to close." Why not, then, start Solomon Jones?

Perhaps the very reason this system is so difficult to learn is because the system is so difficult to define. It seems to me, a layman at best, that if you start McRoberts, but close with Solmon Jones, James Posey, or Jeff Foster than you are changing the personality of the team from the opening tip to the final whistle. I suppose what I am trying to say can be simplified. That is, "Why is something or someone good enough to start, but not good enough to finish?" and "Are players or personalities truly that interchangable?" In my simple opinion, keeping in mind the highest level of basketball I ever played was high school varsity, I don't think you can establish a player early and then eliminate him from the final equation.

I just don't get it.