My brother and I had an interesting discussion today about what rules could be brought over from the International Basketball Game to make the NBA a more interesting game. I think many who watched came away with the feeling that the Olympic style of basketball is more fun to watch than the NBA and there are several rules differences.

I personally would love to see the rule where you could play the ball in the cylinder after it touches the rim. I was surprised that this was not used more often on the defensive side. This would put emphasis on the defensive side, but it could be fun.

My brother wants to see an elimination of the defensive 3 second rule, calling of the offensive 3 second rule and a trapazoidal lane so that you can play zone and post players have to take a step or two further from the rim. He doesn't like that the game stops on every possession while your biggest player posts up and everyone waits for him to get the ball.

What rule change would your like to see put into the NBA book to make things more interesting?