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Thread: old school indiana

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    Default old school indiana

    has anyone ever noticed that a lot of the sports teams in indiana go for like the retro, old school look.
    for example, the colts with their new changes of the uniform. bringing back the old blue, the grey face masks, the striped socks, and the black shoes.
    and the pacers, who have the retro stadium in conseco. also i heard that the new unis for the pacers will have that retro look.
    and iu changing there football unis to make it look retro. also notre dame who never made significant changes to there football unis since forever.
    i really like the look of all these teams, and i think we should keep that retro feel.

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    Default Re: old school indiana

    I agree.I love how Conseco has that retro look.I hope when and IF we get a new stadium for the Colts it has a retro feel to it.
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    Default Re: old school indiana

    Maybe it's just me but I don't care for the retro look. It's a little too, well, old.
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    Default Re: old school indiana

    I really like Conseco. I hope to see a game while I'm in town this Thanksgiving.
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