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Thread: NBA writer gives thoughts on Pacer needs

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    Default NBA writer gives thoughts on Pacer needs

    Read more NBA news and insight:
    By Luke Byrnes

    Eric P in Naptown:
    Luke my man I know its early but which PG is playing their best ball? Rondo, Williams, Paul or Rose?

    Luke Byrnes:
    What's good, y'all. Glad to be here for another Tuesday morning. Hope you are all doing well. There are lots of questions to get to, so let's get the ball rolling!

    Man, that is a tough call, Eric. I know that you know how I feel about Rajon Rondo. He is soooooo good. He runs that Boston offense to perfection and is one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA. Rose has kept the Bulls in first place in the Central without the services of Boozer for the majority of the season. CP3 is playing like and MVP candidate. D-Will is the best point guard in the NBA, in my opinion. The guy I think you forgot is the guy playing the best of them all, however. Russell Westbrook has been playing at an extremely high level and is quickly putting his name into the group of the best point guards in the league, and leaving the best "young" point guard label behind. At this point, I might have to say Westbrook...

    Eric P in Naptown:
    Luke my PAcers are 10-9 after breezing trough Toronto last night. We still need a low post presence. Are their any PF's you could see us landing for an expiring/pick?

    Luke Byrnes:
    There just isn't a lot out there, Eric. The Pacers would likely have to over-pay to get a quality scoring big man at this juncture. Just be thankful that Indiana was smart enough to use that lottery pick on Tyler Hansbrough. DeJuan Blair would have been a huge mistake and his blue collar approach wouldn't have fit the identity of that team at all...

    Eric P in Naptown:
    Luke , would Igadola be agood fit for the Pacers? A line up of Collison, Igy, Grnager, Josh, Hibbert,not bad or is Iggy a poor fit?

    Luke Byrnes:
    There really isn't that many lineups in which Iggy wouldn't be a good fit, but he'd be great in Indiana. Collison, Granger and Hibbert can all score the ball while Iggy's defense and ability to fill the lane in transition would be a fantastic addition and great complement.

    Eric P in Naptown:
    OT Question: What is the single best boxing match you have ever seen? I go with Hagler vs Hearns, an epic 3 round war

    Luke Byrnes:
    Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao on March 19, 2005. I remember because it was the same night that Chris Paul and Wake Forest lost a double-OT thrill to West Virginia in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Such a great night of sports action. We had two TVs on to watch both the fight and the game. Awesome with Pac Man losing a 12 round decision to Morales in one of the most action-packed fights I've ever seen. Two absolute gladiators going at it. Pacquiao hasn't lost since...
    Read more NBA news and insight:
    Sittin on top of the world!

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    Default Re: NBA writer gives thoughts on Pacer needs

    WTF leave westbrook off your chocies. he has been playing the best at pg.

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    Default Re: NBA writer gives thoughts on Pacer needs

    I have watched exactly zero minutes of the Spurs the past two seasons, but I'm assuming that Hansbrough comment was sarcasm, right?

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    Default Re: NBA writer gives thoughts on Pacer needs

    Quote Originally Posted by 90'sNBARocked View Post
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    Read more NBA news and insight:
    By Luke Byrnes

    Read more NBA news and insight:
    I often read some of the Hoopsworld chats... I like some of the writers like Luke Byrnes, Lang Greene and Yannis because they know and appreciate the Pacers more than most writers.

    That being said the good thing is that there's always EricP from Naptown who comes with Pacers questions. I was wondering yesterday if he's on PD... By any chance are you EricP?

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