I am still having trouble logging in.

The only reasonably reliable (which still isn't always successful) is to do a search for Pacers Digest, then click the link from the Lance Stephenson article on the Front Page (pacersdigest.net). Then, once that article is loaded, I can click on the Pacers Board link and usually I am able to log in. That is how I got here this time.

I have also been having trouble when I am in and attempt to post, especially if I take much time to type between loading the page and trying to post. It almost seems like the server is switching something that my computer or Hughesnet satellite is not handling correctly for some reason, and when I attempt to post, I end up being kicked off and having to go through the roundabout logging in process after having copied the contents of my post to my computer's clipboard so it is available the next time I get to the same thread to post in.

I have completely deleted my browsing history, cookies, and restarted my computer repeatedly since this began. I have 5 different browsers that I have tried this on, and all either indicate that there is a connection problem (I have no trouble on any other websites I go to), or that the server for Pacers Digest cannot be found. I use Hughesnet satellite internet and have for years now at home. I don't know if that could be part of this lingering issue or not.

At my office, the problem seems to have subsided for the most part. I have Comcast there, and the issue has not been as frequent from the outset.

Is there anything else I need to do to be able to just log in like I always have been able to before?