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    I really wanted to be one of the regular Pacers fan here on this thread, but i have taken a bunch of criticism. I realized how bad my work was in the 2009 season. note that i wasn't 13, but 12 at the time. i turned 13 back in February. i am sorry for the posts i written to all of you as i created a lot of conflict. i read the archives and i realized what i have done. i apologize for all the bad work i did. i just hope you forgive me because i really want to talk pacers with all of you on this thread.

    i have been trying to improve my work more and more each day and it has improved. keep up the good work with the site as it continues to grow as the best pacers site there is!

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    I'm not thanking the apology, but the good attitude. Go Pacers.

    [~]) ... Cheers! Go Pacers!

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    good enough for me

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