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    MagicRat and ChicagoJ will appreciate this:

    Darkness was an attempt to ask impossibly big questions about life and liberty in America, what it means to be a man, the value of work in a capitalist system, and, as Springsteen explained later, dealing with sin in a good life. He spent five months in the studio with the E Street Band, grinding and honing and glutting, working out the hungry ghosts of his Catholic boyhood, until he found a way to contain them in Darkness' anxious and blazing sides. He refused the gleaming pop tracks and lovelorn balladry that make up The Promise -- he turned "Because The Night" over to Patti Smith -- because he knew they were hits and that they would define him, and that was not what he wanted to be defined by.
    And I won't be here to see the day
    It all dries up and blows away
    I'd hang around just to see
    But they never had much use for me
    In Levelland. (James McMurtry)

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