Just spitballing here

IND Receives:
Josh Smith

IND Sends:
2011 1st Round pick (Lotto Protected)

ATL Sends:
Josh Smith

ATL Receives:
Anderson Varejao
Jamario Moon

CLE Sends:

CLE Receives:
2011 First Round Pick (Lotto Protected from Indiana)

Why for IND? Pick up an athletic 4 who can play good D and shoot an uncontested jumper.

Why for ATL? Varejao allows Horford to slide over to his natural position as a power forward. Moon is expiring short term contract who could be useful as an athlete off the bench.

Why for CLE? I guess, you'd have to hope that Cleveland wants to just start over completely with this one. Dun is an expiring 10 million dollars, while Varejao has 5 years on his deal. Hansbrough is a young player, and they get a pick. It's a stretch, but I guess if Cleveland wanted to stock pile assets and cap room this could be a way to do it.