It always makes me mad that there's an IU thread and no Purdue thread - especially when Purdue has a better team, like they do right now.

I don't know that you can learn anything from any of the games so far, but the Alcorn State game was as dominant of a performance as anything I've ever seen in college basketball.

I'm still waiting for some of the young kids to actually do something to prove they're worthy of a roster spot. I'm talking about you Ryne Smith, DJ Byrd, Patrick Bade.

Right now Terone Johnson looks like the best recruit since the Hummel class. I just hope he doesn't suffer the same fate as Kelsey Barlow.

Marcius is big and that's one thing Purdue needs more of. He also seems to have a nice finesse game to go with his big.

I applaud Painter for trying to keep 2 bigs on the floor, but I'm not sure it's going to work. It doesn't really maximize the talent on the roster.