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    Default Pacers and Hornets

    Pacers get: Marcus Thornton

    Hornets get: D. Jones and future 2nd rounder.

    Marcus Thornton was a stud at SG last year. But now has fallen in the depth charts to more expirienced veteran wing defenders. Although we are still stick with the same amount of wings, we get a better player and even clear some cap space.

    I could see NO doing this now because they want a more veteran team. The Hornets coach recently said in an article that he couldn't find time for Thornton and there is nothing wrong with him. He said he even improved on denfence. But there isn't much playing time for him. He's also not expacted back on the active roster anytime soon.

    This could be a potential low risk/ high reward type scenario. As I stated earlier, although we would have the same number of wings , Mike dunleavy is likely in his last year as a Pacer and we don't know how much longer whether Lance will be around. If it works out We have a starting SG for years to come and still have all that cap space. If it doesn't work out, we just lose D Jones who doesn't even fir in JOB's system.

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