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Thread: ROT IN HELL, Comcast / Xfinity DVR!

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    Default ROT IN HELL, Comcast / Xfinity DVR!

    You've eaten up one too many of my recordings, I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!!

    Tonight was the last straw. It ate my Clippers @ Pacers game. Came home from work around 930, got to the middle of the 2nd quarter, and it froze. And when it freezes, with this DVR, you know you're not getting anything more. You can't fast forward passed it, you can't skip/jump ahead of it, nothing. You're done.

    This has happened too many times already, and to now make me miss a Pacers game, I've had it. Hell, I'd already had it, but couldn't afford an alternative.

    Well, luck me!

    I've flirted for months and months with the latest Tivo box. I had one a few years back and loved it. I miss it. I've read of the problems with the new one, but they don't scare me and I've heard you can get around it if it pops up anyway.

    Anyway, why lucky me? After months of flirting with dropping $300 on it, my eyes widen when I finally go back tonight to for the first time in weeks and see they have a special holiday sale running through the end of 2010: If you commit to a 2-year contract and to pay an extra $7 a month, that same $300 is FREE. I finally scooped that bad boy up!

    So hopefully within a week I'll have it in my hands, and then it's the final tedious step of having to contact (and presumably pay; the last kick in the nuts before the nightmare ends) Comcast to send a guy out to put a damned cable card in it, then to hell with my ****ty Motorola/Comcast DVR!!

    I can't wait to be free of it.

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