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Thread: A.J. Moye Suffers Stroke

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    Default A.J. Moye Suffers Stroke


    FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -American basketball player A.J. Moye has been hospitalized after apparently suffering a stroke following a head-on collision with a teammate in practice.

    Moye's team Deutsche Bank Skyliners Frankfurt says the 28-year-old forward has been taken to a hospital for "intensive examinations.''

    The club said the former Indiana University player developed speech problems after Monday's collision and displayed "unusual behavior'' a day later, when he was taken to see the team doctor and then sent to an emergency room.

    The club says his condition progressively worsened during that time.

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    Default Re: A.J. Moye Suffers Stroke

    Well that's sad. Get well AJ

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    Default Re: A.J. Moye Suffers Stroke

    I think this is more recent:

    “He is showing no long-term effects,” Moye’s agent, Aaron Smith, said Thursday. “He has no paralysis. His speech is fine. His family is with him now. It looks like he’ll have a full recovery.

    “He did suffer a stroke. It was precipitated by a collision in practice. A.J. had a couple of concussions at IU and he’s had a couple since he’s been a pro. They are doing a lot of tests to be sure of exactly what happened.”


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    Default Re: A.J. Moye Suffers Stroke

    Yeah I had brought this up in the other thread. Looks like he'll be ok.

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    Default Re: A.J. Moye Suffers Stroke

    Really great news that he will be okay and make a full recovery. Like I said in the other thread, AJ is one of my all-time favorite Hoosiers. Played his heart out on the court and has been a great ambassador to the program since he left. That block on Carlos Boozer in the NCAA Tournament will be forever remembered in Hoosier lore.

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    Default Re: A.J. Moye Suffers Stroke

    I had to find the pic to re-live that great memory:

    Get well A.J.
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    Default Re: A.J. Moye Suffers Stroke

    First, get well AJ.

    Second, obligatory sarcasm:
    Don't let Roger Goodell find out about this. He'll try to eliminate helmet-to-helmet hits in basketball, too.
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    Default Re: A.J. Moye Suffers Stroke

    I'm glad he's going to be OK. Always loved AJ.
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