Indiana Gets:
1 - Jason Thompson
2 - Gerald Henderson
3 - Beno Udrih

Charlotte Gets:
1 - Jarrett Jack
2 - Joey Dorsey
3 - Francisco Garcia
4 - Solomon Alabi

Sacremento Gets:
1 - Jose Calderon
2 - Julian Wright
3 - Nazr Mohamed
4 - Future 1st from Toronto
5 - Future 2nd from Indiana

Toronto Gets:
1 - TJ Ford
2 - Dahntay Jones
3 - Solo Jones
4 - Matt Carroll


Indiana - Indiana obviously brings in PF & SG prospects to solidify positions of question. The catch is Udrih's deal which goes through next season. Udrih isnt horrible however so I see this is as a fair sacrifice.

Charlotte - Jack is a Larry Brown type of PG and will solidify the PG rotation with Augustine nicely. Dorsey is a scrappy big who also fits Brown's syle of play and Garcia isnt a bad fit either. Lastly Alabi is a decent prospect at C. All they really give up is Henderson who really isnt getting much burn anyway. They also are able to move Carroll's contract which runs through this ssn plus 2 more.

Sacremento - Mostly a cost cutting move here as they move Udrih and Garcia who are the only 2 players left with longer contracts who arent a part of the youth movement. They also aquire a couple draft picks. Essentially all they give up is Thompson who they are rumored to be shopping anyway. They do take on Calderon's deal which may or may not be the roadblock of this deal, however I think Jose would be a nice addition as the Kings PG of the future....IMO Evans is not a PG and would be complimented nicely by a PG like Calderon who is a pass first but can shoot from outside type of player.....2 things that Evans does not do well. Julian Wright is still a decent prospect as a throw in. Mohamed is an expiring plain and simple.

Toronto - All contract shedding here for the Raptors. They move both Jack & Calderon at once which is a coup for them. TJ is an expirer and will likely be a 1 year rental. Solo also just an expirer to them. Dahntay's contract is cheap so wont effect them. Carroll is the only catch as he has 3 years at 4mil left......but it shard to complain when you are shedding 14mil over 3 years in the process.

IMO this works for all teams involved....possible Sacremento the least since they take on Calderon's deal.....but with them moving other long term deals as well as aquiring draft picks in the process I think it works for them too.