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How good do you think Cody is going to be? Hansbrough or Laettner-esque?

If so, as I am just a casual college basketball fan, than I am pumped and I need to get a more vested interest (in other words, bandwagon) in IU's basketball program.
No way, those guys were all-time college greats. Cody will be good, but I think his recruitment was more symbolic than anything. Closing the borders, keeping the best in state kids in the state, and he might create a domino effect with other top guys that want to play with him. As for his on the court impact...who knows? I really haven't seen him play besides highlight tapes, but I've read good things, obviously. I think we can expect a four year starter who rebounds extremely well and gives us a dimension we don't have in the post. Wouldn't surprise me to see him average a double double at some point in his career here.