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Thread: College Basketball begins!

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    Default College Basketball begins!

    My quick thoughts on the season:

    Indiana will hover around .500. probably win 15-17 games.

    Purdue will have some Ewing Theory without Hummel. Still be a top 3 Big Ten team, and wouldn't be shocked to see them in the Sweet 16 or Elite Eight.

    Illinois wil underperform, again. People are expecting them to challenge in the Big Ten, and they definitely have the talent to do so, but I just don't think it's going to happen.

    Pittsburgh is overrated. Don't see how they are #4 in the nation, and the Big East in general is down this year.

    Duke won't repeat as national champions, even though their team is better this year with Kyrie Irving and Seth Curry.

    Kansas State is overrated too. Don't think they are a top 5 team.

    UNC will be back to normal.

    Butler will be fine without Gordon Hayward. Shelvin Mack will be big this season and a legitimate first round NBA prospect by the time March Madness rolls around.

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    Default Re: College Basketball begins!

    I have become a bigger college basketball fan over the past couple years. At first, I didn't know why. Maybe it has to do with Purdue and Butler doing good stuff during the season and in the tourney. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because of this guy.

    Rise and Fire!
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