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    Friday was my first Pacer game ever, and thanks to a good friend of mine (USF) I got a wonderful experience this weekend!

    Even though they lost and the Bucks fans were ackwardly annoying, the food, the about 10,000 fans, and the game was amazing!

    When I actually got downtown and went to pick up my tickets at will-call who do I see than Chris Denari! So having fun me and my good friend said "you know that Chris denari is the worst announcer ever!" He was actually amused and went along and we talked for a while. Now for the record even Chris said that he really sees that this is Roys team and Danny is more of a playing leading something like Reggie was but Roy is the vocal leader and he won't be suprised that in a lil bit Roys face is all over the place! I'll post that in anther thread my opinion.

    We went up to the Varsity Club and had the Chefs Table which is about 28.50 plus your drink and tax but it's worth it because it's unlimited everthing! We sat there til the end of the game and had a good angle of everything! Yo kno the Paul George dunk, I saw it happened right in front of me.

    Area 55 looked great but I couldn't see any of the other sections!
    Speaking of which, after the game were anyone from the forum at the elavator and frustrated it was only going up and had the blue wristbands!

    Had a blast and so much more and wanted to hear other experiences of peoples first games.

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    Glad you enjoyed the game. I know you called me at halftime, but it was loud and I couldn't really hear what was going on.
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