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Thread: Does nobody see what Dunleavy does on the floor?

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    Default Does nobody see what Dunleavy does on the floor?

    I think the Dunleavy hate on this board is incredible. Sure he is not our best player, but he does a lot of things that help this team. Mainly, he is an excellent passer. I can think of two plays where he made excellent passes that lead to a score (not necessarily an assist, but a great pass within the flow of the offense that lead to a bucket)

    His alley oop pass to McRoberts last night was PERFECT. TJ Ford could of converted that alley oop, the pass was so good .

    Also, his three point shooting is questionable at times but i'd rather him be confident than deal with Brandon Rush being scared to take two steps.

    Dunleavy is also an excellent team defender. Bottom line is he may be the best passer on this team not named Collison. Our offense has looked VERY GOOD the first two games and passing is a big reason for that. When you have Collison, Dunleavy, and Roy on the floor together you have three VERY GOOD passers on the floor. Watch when Dunleavy passes the ball to Granger, he always hits Granger RIGHT where he is ready to shoot, it is a thing of beauty that apparently is missed by most viewers. (Not saying I am some excellent basketball analyst, but I do pay attention to passing)

    I think Dunleavy needs to be coming off the bench playing 15-20 min a game max. I think with the second unit he could probably be more effective as a facilitator/scorer. He is always going to make the right pass and put guys in a good position to score (that is assuming players are moving, screening, cutting, etc.) IT has been said by other posters, but Dunleavy is a player whose stat line rarely tells the whole story, similar to Foster (whose great defense often doesn't show up on a stat line)
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