TOR gets:

Dahntay Jones 3 yr, $8.10M
Soloman Jones 1 yr, $1.50M
Cash - ~$2.80M

IND gets:

Reggie Evans 1 yr, $5.08M

This trade just barely works under the 125% rule. We take on an extra $1.08M this year, while the Raptors take on the next two years on Dahntay's deal. We would have to throw cash their way to offset one of the extra years of Dahntay's deal probably. That or throw in a second rounder instead.

Reggie Evans is basically a one trick pony. He is a brute force PF that can help our young guys get better. He probably won't see much playing time no matter where he is. He rebounds extremely well. No real offensive game to speak of. Solid defensively, and is a real work horse type of player.

They get help on the wings, where they need help. They also need depth at center and Solo helps that. Toronto has a ton of PF's and minimal options at center. Bragnani isn't much of a center. Alabi is a rookie that is raw. David Anderson is a bench player. Solo is as well, but they can use all the help they can get at center.