LAC gets:

Dahntay Jones 3 yrs, $8.1M
Soloman Jones 1 yr, $1.5M

IND gets:

Randy Foye 2 yrs, $8.5M

The Clippers bench situation is terrible. Their bench guards are all confused as to whether they are PGs or SGs. Foye, Bledsoe, and Warren are all young. Warren and Foye are all offense and undersized SG's. Bledsoe is a PG in height and plays solid defense, but can't really be asked to cover a SG. Dahntay brings them a little more size and definitely more toughness to their bench rotation. He fills in at both SG and SF, where this team is weak behind the starters. Solo is a backup center. They have Kaman, with Jordan and Collins (no guaranteed money) coming off the bench. They have a bunch of undersized PFs backing up Griffin. Solo adds size to their lineup.

The Pacers get a more dynamic scorer in Foye to come off the bench. He makes $4.25 this year and next. We end up paying $250k more for him this year than the other two. We come out of pocket and extra $1.55M next year and then we save $2.9M in Dahntay's final year. We also get the two for one we need. The Clippers take on a touch more money overall.

This trade would only get done if we think think Foye has a place on our team. We are loaded at wing already so it probably doesn't make much sense. But we save $1.1M and free up $2.9M in the final year of Dahntay's deal.