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    The last three games I've seen, two witnessed personally (Minnesota and New Orleans) and one on TV (Minnesota), have been so much fun to watch. It could be because we've won all three or it could be because our 1st round pick is an animal.

    Now I've obviously seen the box scores of all three of these games, but that doesn't do Paul George justice (nor Tyler Hansbrough, but that's besides the point). This guy battles. He plays aggressive man to man defense. He crashes the glass... not just offensive or defensive, but both. He's an animal. He's always around the ball. Is the ball about to go out of bounds? You'd think so, but then Mr. George comes out of nowhere and gives a hell of an effort to get there. Does he get there? It doesn't matter, because he's trying. He's like Foster, McRoberts, and Hansbrough combined.. but better. Better you say? Yea, I said it. It's tough to describe unless you've actually truly watched a game. He's everywhere. Plus, he's a 6-9 SG/SF who will hit 87% of the open 3's he attempts (which could be alot with Granger, Collison and Hibbert, who will command a double team, on the court at the same time).

    All of this is coming from the biggest Brandon Rush fan on the planet (aside from his family and maybe a few die-hard Kansas Jayhawks fans). Imagine Rush coming off the bench as the 6th man... wow. Collison, George, Granger, Token White Guy, and Hibbert starting... Rush 1st guy off the bench. Yes please. In my opinion (IMO if you will), Rush is Bruce Bowen on steroids. He used to be our best defender until George entered the picture (pretty sure Paul locked down Paul... again, a 6-9 SG/SF locked down Chris ****ing Paul), he'll be coming off the bench guarding whoever they're best player is and hitting open 3's because our team is so deep.

    Anyway, I forget where this was going but the point is simple... Minnesota is pissed they took Wesley "I had maybe 10 good games last year AND I got owned by Gordon Hayward" Johnson over Paul "I'm the best player in the NBA" George. Hell, Minny might be regretting taking Wes over Rolle.

    All of this may sound ludicrous, but please please please please at least do me the favor of actually WATCHING the game when Paul George is in. Just watch him. Now if Paul and Tyler are on the court at the same time, then I understand if your eyes revert to The Handy Man. Regardless, Paul George is everywhere. He's like the nightmare I have every other night about my grandfather spanking me because I helped grandma cross a busy street. I think he did it out of pleasure... not punishment. Watch him... you'll understand.

    Wait, did I leave out how good Hibbert was? Miami who?

    Thank you Larry. I've loved you from day one (probably the only Pacers fan who can truly, truly, truly, say that and not feel guilty about it because I'm definitely not lying) and I will continue to love you if you ever decide to leave... which I pray to you never happens because you're a genius. Can Area55 please join me in a LA-RRY LA-RRY LA-RRY chant? That's all I want. Other than a M-V-P M-V-P M-V-P chant when Granger has 54 25 and 17 in the fourth quarter when we're up by 106. I know we should still be completely silent when our team is shooting FT's but whatever.

    Lance Stephenson = Innocent

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