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larry probably wouldn't hire Laimbeer, but it's a shame.

Bill knows the NBA game. And yes, he's proven he can win with women, but he's also proven he can win. I don't think the game itself is as different as people like to make like.

I do think the players are very different. After all, as you said, if you can have a problem with Swin Cash, you don't have a prayer with Lebron James *unless you change your strategy* But we don't have any Lebron's. We've got Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Granger ect.. high IQ players that want to please their coach.

I think if given a shot Bill would be a very good coach. Yes, experience is important, but truth is..how many fantastic experienced coaches are the Pacers going to be able to attract? Taking a chance on someone who may fit with our team that has winning experience might be a good idea. It could fail spectacularly because I'm sure some coaches can only coach one form of basketball..but Bill seems like he'd be more likely to succeed than any other candidate with limited experience.
I'd give Laimbeer a shot.

It's important that he's showed success and acumen with coaching on any level.

If he didn't also have mega NBA experience as a player, (and assistant coach), then I wouldn't entertain it so much. But he does.

I consider him a far better bet than, say, Mark Jackson, who hasn't paid his dues and hasn't demonstrated in any way that he can be a great coach as well as a great player.