It's been widely reported that Brandon Bass has been looking for more playing time.

And his reasonable contract coupled with his skill for the limited playing time he receives has made him a rumored trade chip.

Add in some good play this preseason to his name, and Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel is wondering if the time is ripe for the Magic to trade Bass.

"The way he's played lately, he might get his wish -- and my guess is the Magic are only waiting for the right deal to come along," he wrote. "Bass is showcasing his talents for other teams, such as the Indiana Pacers, who need power-forward help. Trouble is, the Pacers want to give up Dahntay Jones or Solomon Jones. I can't imagine the Magic being interested, unless the Pacers give up a first-round pick."

Of course, it's also possible the Magic could wait until the trade deadline if they decide it's in their best interest to move Bass. Patience could see other teams emerging with a need for a PF due to injuries and the like, and the Magic could get something better in return depending on the team.

ESPN's John Hollinger

Bass one of the best trade pieces in the league

"Bass played reasonably well when he got chances, but I've been told that he fell out of favor because he couldn't remember the plays. Really? If that's true, it makes it all the more amazing that he shot 51.1 percent and scored 17.9 points per 40 minutes last season. Bass finished 2009-10 with a PER (16.54) well above the league average, but Orlando's frontcourt was so deep that he hardly played. This, and his reasonable contract, make him one of the more tantalizing pieces of trade bait in the league. The Magic may choose to keep him around for insurance, but if he ever gets to a situation where he can play 30 minutes a night, he'll put up some numbers."