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    Default PD Ideas for Area 55

    Here is the thread for Area 55 chants and ideas. No idea is a bad one... so I tried to compile every idea so no efforts are wasted. (Not sure if this was a good or bad idea.) If your idea was missed, please add it.

    I was thinking you could quote an idea if you liked it, we could thank it, and then maybe realize which are the better ideas. Or if that's dumb we can do whatever.

    Please also add new ideas!!!
    Area 55 could use your help.

    Eye of the Tiger / Eye of a Pacer Song
    I like this chant. Utah State before a game: "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN"
    And this one from Howard University when someone fouls out:
    How about "No touch fouls on Roy! No touch fouls on Roy!" ?
    I also like the "This is our house" chant to sort of set the stage before the game starts and let an opponent know we don't like them on our turf.

    I was thinking Sammy Hagar I can't drive 55 - You can't drive on 55! lol
    Hoya Saxa / Thunder Struck :
    Winning Team / Losing Team:

    Thunder Struck
    Replace the "ahh ahh ahhh" with "rooyyy rooyyy rooyyy"
    (And, replace "Thunder" with "Pacers!" - via Brad8888)

    Boom Baby
    This is pretty funny for someone who fouls out.

    The opposing team's aging all-star/superstar is at the free-throw line ..
    Remember that military cadence .. goes somethin' like
    "I don't know what you been told........ but Eskimo P*s** is mighty cold .."
    or somethin like that...well do the chant to that same style
    "I don't know what you been told .... but (*insert aging star's name here*) is getting mighty old ..."

    How about on Wednesday, everytime Ridnour or Flynn shoot a free throw you start a chant of "Ric Ky Rubio"
    When Beasley shoots a free throw "no more, pod casts" clap clap clap clap clap.
    Or a sign that says, # of years until Rubio goes to Minnesota = never. / # of years until David Kahn is fired = 1
    When Igoudala gets the ball: 3 point, brick layer (self expanatory).
    For Doug Collins: Not Phil Jack son (fired from the bulls during the MJ days).
    Elton Brand: O Ver Paid.
    Evan Turner: O Ver rated. (sure it's been done, but it's still fun)
    Louis Williams: Not a starter (came off the bench last year, even though he probably was on of their best 5 players)
    Jason Kapono: One dimensional
    Spencer Hawes: Career back up

    Try coming up with some catchphrases for all the players. "Dun Dun!" or similar along with the "hib hib hooROY!:" would be great.

    Make a fathead out of this pic for when we play Minnesota. I don't care if they understand it or not. It would make my day. (William Shatner yelling Kahn pic)

    Maybe they could throw up a picture of McBeard with the full beard and give out a bear growl whenever he throws down a nasty dunk. Or possibly start with a picture of regular JMac and then morph it into a picture of him with "The Beard", while playing the noise from Transformers when they morph. Just an idea. You guys could chant from one side... JMAC!!! Then the other side would respond with "The Beard".
    Anytime Hans does something tough, you guys could do the noise from Psycho. (I think it was Psycho with the loud screeches).
    Also, from Roy's Wikipedia site... "Since Roy is an avid Pokémon fan, his teammates would often say, 'Power up, big fella,' to help him play harder." This may be a joke, but it might be hilarious to incorporate into a chant.
    TJ stands for Terrance Jerod.
    Foster and "Eat It" from Weird Al. Hopefully he continues to gobble up rebounds like in the past.
    When I say Magnum, you say PI, Magnum, PI.
    Professional Intimidator.

    Diamond Dave
    Also I feel that the whole area should be holding sacks of marbles and begin shaking them whenever Roy decides to softly lay one up instead of throwing it down. For all those who have seen Major League 2.
    Finally each time the Pistons come to town, and proceed to turn it over a chorus of "DETROIT BASKETBALL" must be heard throughout the fieldhouse. (What about Detroit BasketFAIL? via El Pacero)

    El Pacero
    One of my favorites that Prim did was “Puh, Puh, Puh - Puh, Pacers” or something like that.
    He also suggested we turn our backs when the other team was announced. I liked that. Other schools will say “Who Cares?” or similar after each name is called.
    If we’re ever killing another team, I thought it might be funny to chant “Travis Deiner” or “Freddy Hoiberg” - or not.
    Or when the Jumbotron shows us again we could say, “Jumbotron we love you.”
    We need rhythmic clap kinda distraction for free throws and something awesome for when we're on camera!

    Random chants I found:
    When opposing team is at free throw line yell “Pass the Ball” and once they shoot it say “You’re so Selfish.”
    Turn it over... *clap* Turn it over... *clap* Turn it over *clap*
    Also when a player on the other team shoots an air ball, everyone will chant "Air ball, Air ball, Air ball" the whole time that particular player gets the ball for the rest of the game.
    When someone fouls out: We chant as the player is walking off the court... "Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, SIT DOWN." (I think Prim mentioned this, too)
    "You can't guard him. clap clap, clap clap clap" When a player on our team is lighting it up.
    D-D-D-Defense! (claps on each D)
    We picked out the guy who doesn't normally shoot the ball, usually a starter, and everytime he caught the ball, no matter where he was on the floor, the whole student section would yell SHOOT IT!!! but only when he had the ball.
    "hey hey, ho ho, lets take that ball and shove it in"
    "Over-Rated" Chant. If you play someone at home higher ranked and are comes the chant.

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