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Thread: heywoode's Pacemate photos thread-Magic @ Pacers 10.08.10

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    Default heywoode's Pacemate photos thread-Magic @ Pacers 10.08.10

    Yeah, I know...I only posted about a dozen game photos and then here are 39 Pacemate photos! Well, we spent much of the game actually watching instead of me shooting, and then I concentrated on getting decent Pacemate shots.....Anybody believing me?!

    BTW, I apologize in advance for all the shots with just ONE leg or set of feet or head ruining a better shot...Not much I can do, and I don't photoshop that kinda stuff. I figure if I can't get the shot, I'm not gonna manufacture it...

    I said I'd do it, so here they are...


    It's crazy how small the ladies look next to SuperDoof...

    Love the facial expressions, Sarrah! Toss up between you and Shea as to who's more entertaining to watch... (at least thus far...c'mon ladies, let's see some good ones!)


    Signin' autographs! WooHoo! You ladies are famous!

    Good one, Shea!

    Lovely ladies on the squad this season, but they were several girls short...Not sure what's up, but looking forward to seeing the whole 2010-11 squad!

    I noticed I got quite a few shots of several of the PM, but not a lot of some of the others. I apologize, ladies. I always try to get balanced shots, but the ones of the ladies who didn't get decent solo shots posted weren't worth posting! I'll work on it, and know it's not an indication of anything other than I missed!



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