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Thread: A little Help to make a Sick Kid's Wish Come True

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    Default A little Help to make a Sick Kid's Wish Come True

    I hope the mods do not mind me posting this here. This is a post from a Redskins forum I frequent, but if any of you could send any cards that would be awesome.

    Fellow Esers,

    We can do this, forward it to everyone you know. I went to High School with his Dad, Let's show him what EXTREMESKINS is made of!

    I am writing you this morning asking for a special favor, not for me but for Hunter Scott of Calvert County Maryland. Hunter is a 1st grader and will be having his 7th birthday party on the 23rd of October. As with any cancer, it may be one of Hunter's last birthdays according to his Doctors.

    Hunter has been fighting brain cancer for the past 3 years and spent the entire summer in experimental programs that unfortunately did not help.
    When asked what he wanted for his birthday he replied "I want lots of birthday cards......, What an unselfish request from a very ill child!

    What I am asking is for you to forward this information onto all our friends to ask them to ask their friends, church groups, kids school classes, etc., to send cards to this little boy.

    The cards can be mailed in bulk or individually to the following address:
    Hunter Scott
    % Jessica Koehn
    PO Box 278
    Saint Leonard, Maryland 20685

    I know that our GREAT ESers from all over the world can make this happen for Hunter. Prayers are also being asked for him from his parents. Praise God he is Saved!

    Please mail the cards early so they can take them to him on the 23rd of October. A Card and a stamp is not that expensive, let's give this little boy his wish!



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    Default Re: A little Help to make a Sick Kid's Wish Come True

    I will defintely send one out. Thanks for posting this. May he have the best birthday ever.

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