Pacers trade: D. jones, Solo, 1st round pick, 2.2 mil trade exception
Pacers get: Jason Thomspon ( and a spot to sign Rolle to the active roster)

Knicks trade: curry, Chandler, Randolph,
Knicks get: Carmelo, Solo

Denver gets: 1st round pick from pacers, curry, chandler, 2014 1st from knick
Denver trades: Carmelo

Kings trade: J. Thomspon
Kings get: Anothny Randolph, D. jones, 2.2 trade exception

Why for Pacers?: Get a young PF, only give up the 2 jones and a first rounder. frees up wing time and gives a spot to sign rolle to the 1 man roster.

Why for New york? They get Carmelo with that 1st round pick for Denver for Randolph.

Why for Denver? It's more than what they will get if they dont trade him by the deadline and he walks. chandler averages 15 and 5 per game as a SF. curry is an expiring. and they get a higher draft pick.

why for Kings? they get a replacement at the PF who has more upside than thompson AND a defensive wing plus 2.2 mil.