Out of pure boredom from the board,looking at the Josh Smith thread, and our franchises situation from top to bottom I came up with some moves which might seem unrealistic to win now and make a superteam!

Ok here we go! First off to get Josh Smith:
Trade poposal: tj ford + 1st or tj solo +1st or Dunleavy + 1st

Why For: Pacers- Superstar Forward who will help not only win games butll play defense and bring fans to the games and give us more tv time for more money to do whatever we need with coach, fo, stadium, whatever

Why for ATL: two words AL HORFORD! Plus a pick to rebuild a pg to replace Bibby and like I say money for Al's Contract!
(30-70% chance of happening)

Two Go For Ellis!
Trade Proposal: Dun and Foster 1st or dun and rush +1st 2013 or dun first and jones

Why for Pacers- the same as Smith but also we kno second whole is SG and also because we can also try to play on the fact that gs is trying to get Melo and make it more appealing for melo and his wifes unwillingness to move (gs is like a 3 hour plane ride)

Why For GS- because Ellis and curry can't coexist some said Ellis didn't like curry stealing shine! (idk if it's true but hey) and melo thing
probability () to

Lastly Get Thompson:
Trade Proposal 2012 2nd Rush or jones and solo

Why for Pacers great young player great price + flexibility (Gives u either a backup for smith or hibbert) Ill even give up aj if it'll help umean we were gonna have lance start at one time I'm sure he can do the job at backup and if we don't have him rush can go because we have Ellis

Why for Sacramento- the frontcourts crowded so he'll probably walk next offseason if he doesn't get minutes which it looks like he won't so this gives them some exchange for something they mightve lost anyway
Probability- Good probability

If all goes as planned well have a team that can contend now and our rooks and young guys get great mentors and our starters have a great second unit to practice against and relieve them in games! Also if u haven't noticed all my players are combo players which can come in handy if granger hibbert or collison get hurt! Also brings great hope to the future and to the fans which we haven't had in a while! And this all star game will probably have the heats big three starting and ours as backups! Plus adds to our already young core and gets the most out of our expirings! Also will put our new coach mike brown in a good position! Might cost us picks and things but wit our team we won't need um and gives us like a ten to twelve roster rotation which I think is the best! What u guys think!