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    Default Ind/Den/Hou

    Pacers trade: Dahntay Jones, 1st round pick
    Pacers receive: Jordan Hill

    Nuggets trade: Carmelo Anthony
    Nuggets receive: Kevin Martin, Shane Battier, 2 1st round picks

    Rockets trade: Kevin Martin, Shane Battier, Jordan Hill, 1st round pick
    Rockets receive: Carmelo Anthony, Dahntay Jones

    Why for Pacers:
    Pacers get a young PF w/ potential they've been searching for while clearing some room on the wing by moving Dahntay Jones and his multi-year deal plus the 1st round pick for incentive for other teams. (You could perhaps swap Hill w/ Patrick Patterson if preferred)

    PG: Collison, Ford, Price
    SG: Rush, George, Stephenson
    SF: Granger, Dunleavy
    PF: Hansbrough, Hill (or PP), McRoberts
    C: Hibbert, Foster, Solo (or cut Solo and sign Magnum Rolle)

    Why for Nuggets:
    Melo wants out of Denver and has leverage. The Nuggets get a nice young SG in Kevin Martin and a really solid veteran SF in Shane Battier that can come in and help the Nuggets to win right now with Billups still in the fold, and they also get 2 1st round picks to help bring in youth and rebuild around

    PG: Billups, Lawson, Carter
    SG: Kev Martin, JR Smith
    SF: Battier, Afflalo
    PF: Ken Martin, Harrington, Balkman
    C: Nene, Birdman, Sheldon Williams

    Why for Rockets:
    They get a true superstar next to Yao in Carmelo and they also get a defensive stopper to help fill the gap of Battier in Dahntay Jones. The Rockets get Carmelo with help from the Pacers and don't have to gut their team.

    PG: Brooks, Lowry
    SG: Lee, D.Jones, Taylor
    SF: Melo, Budinger,
    PF: Scola, Patterson (or Hill), Jeffries
    C: Yao, Miller, Hayes

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    Default Re: Ind/Den/Hou

    no way jordon hill plays really soft, next years draft class is deep we need that pick.

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    Default Re: Ind/Den/Hou

    I'll take Patterson over Hill any day. That said, I don't think either one is worth giving up Jones AND a 1st round pick.

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