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Thread: Character Issues: An Index of Criminality

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    I'm sure some of you have seen this but a vast majority probably haven't. Shamsports has an index of players who have had off-court issues and details of each incident (freshly updated with the Lance and Brandon situations). Some of these are pretty interesting to say the least.

    Something that I don't recall ever hearing about was Brandon Rush's previous arrest, from 2007.

    December 7th 2007: Arrested on two outstanding warrants for failure to appear in court for traffic violations. The violations were driving with a suspended license, speeding, driving on the left of a roadway and having no proof of insurance.

    and then we have one of the NBA's biggest stars and most marketed assets, Carmelo Anthony...

    October 2004: Cited for marijuana possession, but got off after his mate signed a sworn affidavit claiming that the marijuana was his. Apparently such an affidavit makes the fact that the drugs were found on Anthony's person totally irrelevant.

    14th April 2008: Arrested on suspicion on DUI. Tests showed he was twice the legal limit. Suspended by the NBA for two games. Pled guilty to a lesser charge of driving while ability-impaired as well as failure to stay in a single lane; sentenced to a year's probation, 24 hours community service, and around $1,000 in fines.

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