So I don't know which one of our admins posts under the twitter handle, "pacersdigest," but I feel it is a bit misleading. Don't get me wrong, I think the posts are great and I would follow "pacersdigest" regardless of the handle.

However, doesn't the name "pacersdigest" imply some sort of official synthesis of the message board's members? In other words, couldn't one construe that all of the message board's members more or less approve of the message tweeted by "pacersdigest"?

This is a trivial example but it makes the point clearer. Consider the following tweet:

"I also wouldn't mind that being our starting 5, by the way. Even though I don't think Paul or Tyler are ready for that yet."

I mostly agree with that tweet, though I prefer Rush to George in the starting lineup. Do all of our members? That "pacersdigest" tweeted it makes it seem as if we all feel that way when in fact, we don't. This is my point.