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    According to rumors Carmelo Anthony still wants out of Denver. The New York Daily News is reporting,” Anthony, who is in the final year of his contract, is reportedly pushing a trade from the Nuggets, with the Knicks and Nets as potential destinations.”

    “According to multiple sources, the Knicks would have a better chance at landing Anthony if he plays his final year with the Nuggets and becomes a free agent next summer. The Knicks don't have the assets to entice the Nuggets to trade their franchise player, while teams such as the Nets, Bulls and Rockets can offer better young prospects and more draft picks.”

    Other rumors have the Nets thinking they might pick him up in free agency next year, but he went to the US Open this week with New Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire. So if he is friends with Amar’e, the Nets might want to make a push for him before the season starts. Rumor again has it the Nets don’t want to part with Lopez. So their big chips are Harris and Favors. However that’s not enough matching salary to work, and the Nets adding scrub contracts to make it work probably is not enough to entice Denver. So with NJ needing help . . .

    I worked out this trade on ESPN’S trade machine.

    The Pacers incoming;

    6'10 PF, Derrick Favors, from NJ
    6'6 SG, JR Smith, from Denver
    6'8 PF, Eduardo Najeera, from Charlotte
    6'6 SF, Quinton Ross from NJ

    The Pacers outgoing;

    6'0 PG, TJ Ford, to Charlotte
    6'8 SF, Paul George, to Denver
    6'5 SG, Lance Stepherson to Denver
    6'6 SG, Brandon Rush, to Denver

    The Pacers pick up Favors and get rid of Ford and their two recent bad boys Stephenson and Rush. Rush and Stephenson’s days are probably numbered anyway this way we get something good for them. What hurts is giving up George, but who would you rather have Favors or George?

    The Pacers would cut bad boy JR Smith and sign Magnum.

    This trade also works without including Stephenson.

    The Pacers would then look like this.

    SF 6'8...Granger/6'8 Posey/
    PF 6'10.Favors/ 6'9 Handsbrough/ 6'9 Najera/ 6'11 Rolle
    C 7'2...Hibbert/ 6'11 Foster/ 6'10 McRoberts/ 6'10 S. Jones
    SG 6'9..Dunleavy/ 6'6 D. Jones/ 6'6 Ross
    PG 6'1 Collison/ 6'2 Price/

    If we kept Stephenson we would have to cut someone to sign Rolle. That would probably be Solo, or Najera. We would probably keep Ross because that would suddenly be a position of need. So the roster would look like this including whoever was cut.

    SF 6'8...Granger/6'8 Posey/
    PF 6'10.Favors/ 6'9 Handsbrough/ 6'9 Najera/ 6'11 Rolle
    C 7'2...Hibbert/ 6'11 Foster/ 6'10 McRoberts/ 6'10 S. Jones
    SG 6'9..Dunleavy/ 6'6 D. Jones/ 6'6 Ross
    PG 6'1. Collison/ 6'2 Price/ 6'5 Stephenson

    Either roster would still be about $3m under the luxury tax. It’s not a very balanced roster, however Bird could balance it out next year when Foster and Dunleavy’s big contracts expire.

    Denver incoming

    6'3 PG, Devin Harris, from NJ
    6'7 SF, Paul George, from Pacers
    6'11 C, E. Dampier, from Charlotte
    6'6 SG, Brandon Rush, from Pacers
    6'5 SG, Lance Stephenson, from Pacers

    Denver outgoing

    6'8 SF, Carmelo Anthony, to NJ
    6'6 SG, JR Smith, to Pacers

    Denver gets 5 players and gives up 2 which gives them exactly 15 players. They get All Star PG Harris who could team in the backcourt with Billups the way Billups played with the US team at the world championships. Rush and Lawson would be their backups. Denver could also put Billups on the trade block and probably fetch something good.

    They can waive Dampier and save $26m. His $13m salary and the $13m in luxury tax savings.

    George they could groom to take Melo’s spot. Of course he’s not Melo but he could be pretty good.

    New Jersey incoming

    6'8 SF, Carmelo Anthony, from Denver

    New Jersey outgoing

    6'10 PF, Derrick Favors, to Pacers
    6'3 PG, Devin Harris, to Denver
    6'6 SF, Quinton Ross, to Pacers

    New Jersey gets their star now before the season starts.

    Charlotte incoming

    6'0 PG, TJ Ford, from Pacers

    Charlotte Outgoing

    6'11 C, E. Dampier, to Denver
    6'8 PF, Eduardo Najera, to Pacers

    The problem with this is Charlotte is still $200,000 over the tax. It would probably be easy for them to get under that number but would they trade Dampier and Najera for Ford? They need a starting point guard and have been trying to trade for Ford.

    I think the trade needs tweaked to get Chalotte under the tax, but I don't feel like doing it now.

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    Default Re: Ind/Char/NJ/Den

    NO love PG24 and we need a fix at the 4 now not in 3 yrs like favors is projected to be ready in 3yrs and JR smith chcks way to many shots and his attuide sucks not to metion legal issues

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