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Thread: Pacers/Hawks/Magic/Raptors

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    Default Pacers/Hawks/Magic/Raptors

    Pacers get: Josh Smith, $8.5 million trade exception
    Pacers trade: Jeff Foster, Solo, TJ Ford, 2nd rounder, 1st rounder swap right, 1 round pick

    Hawks get: Marcin Gortat, Jose Calderon, future Indy 1st round pick
    Hawks trade: Josh Smith, Mike Bibby

    Magic get: Jeff Foster , Solo Jones, 2nd rounder
    Magic trade: Marcin Gortat, Brandon Bass

    Raptors get: Brandon Bass, Mike Bibby, TJ ford, right to swap first round picks with Indiana

    Raptors trade: Jose Calderon, trade exception

    Pacers save 13.5 mil right off the bat. It leavs us room to sign Rolle and a another big. we would be 6.5 mil under the cap. We could keep the 6.5 mil and let Duns contract expire and still have 17 mil next summer. or use the money in another trade.

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    Default Re: Pacers/Hawks/Magic/Raptors

    I love this trade for Pacerland, though I am not too sure the Magic would be.

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    Default Re: Pacers/Hawks/Magic/Raptors

    Magic could a lot more for that theyre giving up
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