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    Default NFL Milestones on Tap

    NFL milestones on tap

    * Minnesota QB BRETT FAVRE needs three TD passes to become the first player in NFL history with 500 and needs 671 passing yards to be the first to reach 70,000…
    * Indianapolis QB PEYTON MANNING can become the first quarterback with 11 4,000-yard seasons and needs 1,348 passing yards to move into third place all-time…
    * New York Jets RB LA DAINIAN TOMLINSON can extend his NFL-record streak of consecutive 10 rush-TD seasons to begin a career to 10.
    * Tennessee RB CHRIS JOHNSON (11 100-yard games in a row) needs 100 rushing yards in each of his next four games for the most consecutive 100-yard rush games (15) in NFL history.
    * New England WR RANDY MOSS & Cincinnati WR TERRELL OWENS need two and six receiving TDs respectively to join JERRY RICE as the only players with 150 receiving TDs.
    * Houston WR ANDRE JOHNSON can become the first player in NFL history with three consecutive 1,500-yard receiving seasons.
    * Atlanta’s TONY GONZALEZ needs one catch to become the first TE in NFL history with 1,000 receptions.
    * Green Bay’s CHARLES WOODSON needs one interception-return touchdown to become the third player in NFL history with at least 10 INT-TDs.

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    With three more wins in less than 12 games, Brady passes Montana's NFL record for fastest to 100 career wins, in terms of number of games started. Joe got his 100th win in his 139th start, while Tom has 97 wins in 127 starts
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    Thank God Tony Gonzalez finally got a catch in the third quarter yesterday. Dick Stockton joked that he could go home after announcing that play. Given that Mr. Stockton gave the wrong yardline and down-and-distance five times in the first five minutes of the game, I thought he should quit, too.

    I think Stockton's only job is to make Jim Mora and the other guy not be the worst announcer in the booth. Man, that was bad. Has Stockton gotten this bad at basketball, too. Or is it just football? And I think Uncle Buck will agree with this, Stockton and Hubie Brown would be a better football announcing team than Stockton/ Mora/ the other guy.

    If that isn't Fox's #5 team, I would hate to listen to the actual #5 team. Wow.
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