Pacers get: Josh Smith, Rip Hamilton
Pacers trade: Dunleavy, Rush, TJ Ford, 2 1st round picks

Hawks get: Brandon Rush, TJ, future 1st round pick (top 3 protected)
Hawks trade: Josh Smith, M. Evans

Pistons get: Mike Dunleavy, M. Evans, 1st round pick (top 3 protected)
Pistons trade: Rip Hamilton

Pacers future lineup:

PG: Darren Collison/ AJ Price/ Lance
SG: Rip Hamilton/ Paul George/ D. Jones
SF: Danny Granger/James Posey/ Paul George
PF: Josh Smith/Hansbrough/ McRoberts
C: Roy Hibbert/ Rolle/ Foster/ Solo

That is a stacked team.

Other teams get cap relief. that they could use.