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Thread: Pau Gasol dunks on a kid

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    Default Pau Gasol dunks on a kid

    Pau Gasol dunks on some kid, wins new NBA fans

    By Trey Kerby

    When you're an NBA player, sometimes you just have to remind your fans how good you are. You know, really prove to them that you're the athlete and they're the spectator. Pau Gasol(notes) — he knows how to show a bunch of kids what's what.

    Yeah, that's Pau Gasol Michael Jordan-ing over some unlucky kid in New Delhi, India. Color me impressed that Pau can jump that high. Based on every single one of his NBA dunks which just barely make it over the rim, I'd have put money on that child getting a face full of legs.

    Surprisingly, this is part of an NBA Cares outreach trip that Gasol's on right now. Dubious that dunking on youngins would win over fans? Perhaps this account of Gasol's basketball wizardry from SLAM's Karen Madhok will convince you.

    Gasol again turned into a quiet crowd-pleaser in Delhi, speaking softly and letting his skills do the talking. He worked with the kids on dribbling drills, showed off his pivot, Hakeem-esque fadeaway, and of course, did a variety of dunks at the DPS basketball court, including doing a "jumpman" style dunk over a hapless kid in a ‘Starbury' t-shirt!

    You know what they don't say — if it's not the dunking on kids that'll get 'em, it's the low-post moves. Kids looooooooooove pivots.

    But really, Pau's doing a good thing performing for these kids, and it's always fun to learn about a far-flung country that's NBA crazy. Furthermore, it's also pretty amazing that Pau Gasol can jump that high. The guy in the tie needs to lighten up and realize he's just witnessed a miracle.

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    Default Re: Pau Gasol dunks on a kid

    The legs are wide,but the jumps not that high. Lucky the kid avoided a crotch in the face.

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