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Thread: Just a nice story for the slow times

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    Default Just a nice story for the slow times

    Ordinarily I wouldn't post this here, and I know its already known that Ham signed with the Pistons (not that he is a major contributor) but the story along with it is nice to hear and its a slow time.

    The Pistons took one more step to completing their roster for next season, re-signing forward Darvin Ham of Saginaw on Monday.

    Ham signed a one-year deal worth $1 million.

    He turned down overtures from the Hornets and Heat, taking a pay cut to stay with the Pistons.

    “It’s less money than I hoped for, but it’s cool,” Ham, 30, said. “You win a championship, you’re all happy and ready to come back, and then they start talking about salary cap this and that. Then you see all kinds of guys getting paid on other teams.

    “But I know this is a business. I am not complaining by a long shot. It’s been an amazing experience for me to come home and win a championship with the team I grew up watching.”

    Ham, a reserve member of the 2004 NBA title team, was used by Coach Larry Brown to provide defense and an emotional spark.

    “We are pleased to have Darvin back next season,” Pistons President Joe Dumars said. “His veteran leadership on and off the floor was a large part of our success last year.”

    Ham has moved his family back to Michigan, happy to have his young sons growing up around his relatives.

    Saginaw threw a parade for Ham on July 12, toasting him throughout the day with a prayer breakfast and a rally at his alma mater, Saginaw High.

    Ham is in Saginaw, playing host to a three-day free basketball camp for kids.

    He just established a nonprofit organization to help youth in Saginaw enrich their lives and avoid violence and drugs.

    “That’s all part of this, why I decided to stay here,” Ham said. “I really want to make a difference in Saginaw. There are so many kids who are getting shot, getting in trouble.

    “I want to help be part of the solution. I think I can do something positive, help my mom with things.”

    Ham’s mother, Wilmer Jones-Ham, is the mayor of Saginaw.


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    Default Re: Just a nice story for the slow times

    Thanks for posting rthe article , it's good to see he is willing to take less pay and Detriot has a very legit shot at making a good title run this next season.

    I personally like Ham and glad that he is happy with the situation and even if it's less money , it's great to see greed doesn't rule all the players in the NBA.

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