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    Default Big Ten divisions announced

    Division something
    Ohio State
    Penn State

    Division something else
    Michigan State

    My first opinion is Purdue and Indiana get royally ****ed. Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin are historically very strong. Iowa is good now, but there's no guarantee they will continue. Nebraska seems to be rebounding, but who knows if that will continue. And Michigan, who has really fallen apart, gets a huge break IMO.

    If Nebraska kicks *** and if/when Michigan rebounds I guess I'll feel better about this, but right now I'd still rather have had it just cut south from Chicago.

    Lastly, Indiana at least gets MSU (no offense to my Spartan relatives), but Purdue trades its previous rival of Northwestern for Iowa. Great.

    [edit] Looking at the schedules, interesting that due to the home/away format, Illinois, IU, and Purdue won't play Nebraska until at least 2013. If they stay with the home/away, and thanks to the Penn State "rivalry" one of those teams won't play Nebraska until 2015.
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