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    ndiana Pacers: Not everyone is enamored of the Pacers getting Stephen Jackson for Al Harrington, but Jackson does give them a shooting guard for the future, and it opens up playing time for Austin Croshere. Rookie David Harrison gives them depth at center, and free-agent guard Eddie Gill might help at point. They are still mildly in the hunt for Dampier and could use him. Grade: C
    Totally disagree...I think SJ pick-up was a great move by the P's (of course I would, I'm a Homer).

    I'd give em a grade of B anyway.
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    I dunno if I'd say he's a great pickup but they traded something they don't have for something they do. The question could be asked, if they'd tried to be more creative/patient, if the Pacers could have gotten involved in a trade for someone better - maybe gotten into a S&T deal for Q or someone.

    Hard to knock 'em too hard - just seems like they weren't in a lot of danger of losing Jackson if they'd done some shopping.
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    I rate the Pacers B-.I do think we could've gotten something better if we waited to trade AL.We might have had Damp and J-Rich.(I doubt Mullin would trade J-Rich though)
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    I give them a B-.

    Harrington wanted traded. Now I do wish we would have traded him to Denver, giving us cap room to sign Jackson I think.

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    I'm cautiously hopeful about Sax. Everyone talks about how great he is, but I never saw much in him. Plus, his shooting percentages frighten me. Guess we'll see.
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    Why would the media think we got the better of the deal?

    We traded a sixthman runner-up on a 61 win team for a player who put up good numbers for a bad team.

    Chemistry-wise it might work but on paper it wasn't a great trade for us.

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    I also give us a B. Al for Stephen will help us out alot, he can shoot from the outside and hes good on defense. We needed someone else to help on D other than Ron. And you know the 2 guards have been killin us in the playoffs, Rip, Pierce, just to name a couple.

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