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Thread: Hawks Don't Want Horford To Test Market

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    Default Re: Hawks Don't Want Horford To Test Market

    The Hawks are not going to sign Crawford to an extension, and they pretty much made that clear when the drafted Crawford.

    I mean seriously there is only enough room on the team for 1 J. Crawford.

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    Default Re: Hawks Don't Want Horford To Test Market

    Quote Originally Posted by pacergod2 View Post
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    As to the squeeze being put on by Crawford, I think it will force the Hawks to trade Josh Smith. I think they can get more for him. He is a beast and I don't think the hawks want to trade him, but when looking at the roster, Horford wants to play PF. That pushes either Marvin Williams or Josh Smith to the bench. Both are excellent defenders. Both are Forwards that can play either position. Josh Smith gets paid 50% more. Neither is much of a scorer. Williams is a better shooter, with Smith better at slashing. In regards to the future cap situation of that team, they need to alleviate one long term contract to guarantee they keep Horford around. You don't let young bigs walk away, especially with what he brings to the table. They also need scoring just like Crawford provides them. I think we could see both he and Horford extended and Josh Smith traded because they could get more monetary relief and more assets in return.

    I would rather try to trade them Dunleavy and Solo with a future first rounder for Smith. Solo gives them another center to put with Horford. Plus, they like him in Atlanta. Dunleavy is a low-risk high-reward player for this year. They don't expect much as an expiring, but he could be really productive with Crawford on the second team. They get a solid first round pick, which will be helpful to their cap situation over the next 5 years while still adding talent.

    Smith fits this team well because of the rebounding and athleticism he brings. I think he would do a lot for Collison with his movement and if Collison does get hung up in the lane a little he will go get a lob pass for a dunk. He crashes the lane. He plays great defense. Blocks shots and is long on defense. Offensively, he is getting better because his jump shot has improved. That is not what you want to rely on him for though. He would be great at the pick and roll both offensively and defensively. I think he is a great compliment to Hibbert on both ends of the floor.
    i agree, also think its more realistic that Smith is a pacer before horford. only after horford is extended would the hawks deal smith.

    Smith is a bit undersized for the PF position, but he should be okay next to Hibbert when playing against other smaller frontcourts.

    Hawks would likely want 2 1st rounders for smoove, which is too much imo.

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