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Thread: Rot in Hell Brighthouse - need your help dealing with Brighthouse

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    Default Rot in Hell Brighthouse - need your help dealing with Brighthouse

    I think this qualifies, but if anyone thinks this isn't a big deal, I want to hear it.

    I am a Brighhouse customer and have been for 3 years, have cable and internet.

    Ok, so last Sunday all of a sudden my cable box starts acting up and after unplugging it and re-plugging I decide I better call, so I call and the guy tries to re-set, after about 20 minutes he says we need to send someone out. He looks at the schedule and says Saturday is the earliest someone can be out. I said Saturday really 6 days from now? OK, so we set a time for between 2-4.

    I re-arrange my Saturday schedule to be home from 2-4, I wait, I wait and then when 4 rolls around I decide to call, after being on hold for 90 minutes. The guy says I am the last one on the list for today. He puts me on hold and supposedly calls the technician, comes back and tell me he will be there, almost done with last appt. I ask, is there a specific time at which he won't come, like it is is after 7 or 8. No the guy assures me he will be there.

    So I change my early evening plans on Saturday night. At 7 I say he isn't coming, at 8 I know he isn't coming. Well he didn't show up, no phone call, no nothing. I have not heard from Brightouse at all yesterday or yet today.

    OK, here is where I want your opinion. Ideally what I want is to get - is the most free stuff I can. I have other cable options or could go with U-Verse......but I would rather just stay with Brighthouse, but I want free stuff.

    My plan is to call later today ask to speak with a supervisor, throw a big fuss, threaten to leave Brighthose or I'll stay for $120.00 off my current bill plus free NBA League Pass. I wonder if they would have less freedom to give NBA League pass away and maybe I should ask for more than $120.00 credit.

    Anyone have any suggestions? What parts of my story should I play up, what stuff does a supervisor have more freedom to offer for free?
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