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Thread: ABA Keeper league expansion draft is a GO!!

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    Default ABA Keeper league expansion draft is a GO!!

    All the new owners are available, so if no one has an issue with it, let's start the draft at 8:00 a.m. Indy time, Sat, August 28, in this very thread.

    There will be no time limit, but obviously, the quicker we can get it done, the better.

    If you feel the need to slip me a contigency list, feel free.

    Once again, here's a list of the available players (as the draft goes on, I'll delete players from the list and repost it):

    Players available for the expansion draft

    G Rajon Rondo (BOS)--bulldog
    G Tyreke Evans (SAC)---Soup Is Good
    G Aaron Brooks (HOU)---Diamond Dave
    G Jerryd Bayless (POR)---Soup is Good
    GF Kevin Durant (OKL)—Diamond Dave
    F Louis Amundson (PHO)---Frostwolf
    CF Andrea Bargnani (TOR)---Soup is Good
    CF Matt Bonner (SAS)---Bellisimo
    F J.J. Hickson (CLE)---Bulldog
    F Taj Gibson (CHI)---Bulldog
    GF Shane Battier (HOU)---Soup is Good
    CF Juwan Howard (POR)
    G Baron Davis (LAC)--Frostwolf
    G Gilbert Arenas (WAS)--Frostwolf
    G Jeff Teague (ATL)---Diamond Dave
    GF Grant Hill (PHO)---Frostwolf
    GF Josh Howard (WAS)---Frostwolf
    GF Ron Artest (LAL)---Diamond Dave
    C Yao Ming (HOU)---bulldog
    C Nazr Mohammed (CHA)---Soup is Good
    CF Drew Gooden (LAC)---Frostwolf
    C Dan Gadzuric (MIL)--Bellisimo
    CF Hilton Armstrong (HOU)---Bulldog
    FG Ronnie Brewer (MEM)---Frostwolf
    F LeBron James (CLE)--Frostwolf
    CF Carlos Boozer (UTA)---Bellisimo
    CF Darko Milicic (MIN)---bulldog
    GF Josh Smith (ATL)---Soup is Good
    GF Joe Johnson (ATL)--Bellisimo
    F Udonis Haslem (MIA)___Bulldog
    G Beno Udrih (SAC)---Bellisimo
    G Shaun Livingston (WAS)---Diamond Dave
    G Wayne Ellington (MIN)---Soup is Good
    CF Mehmet Okur (UTA)---Diamond Dave
    CF Antonio McDyess (SAS)---Bellisimo
    C Kendrick Perkins (BOS)---Frostwolf
    C Brendan Haywood (DAL)---Frostwolf
    G O.J. Mayo (MEM)---Diamond Dave
    G Jarrett Jack (TOR)---Bellisimo
    G Toney Douglas (NYK)---Bulldog
    F Danilo Gallinari (NYK)---bulldog
    F Jeff Green (OKL)---Diamond Dave
    F Hakim Warrick (CHI)---Bellisimo
    F Brandon Bass (ORL)---Bulldog
    F Thaddeus Young (PHI)---Diamond Dave
    GF Anthony Parker (CLE)--Soup is Good
    F Brandan Wright (GSW)---Bulldog
    CF Solomon Jones (IND)
    C Samuel Dalembert (PHI)---Soup Is Good
    CF Jermaine Oneal (MIA)--Diamond Dave
    CF Elton Brand (PHI)---Diamond Dave
    C Hasheem Thabeet (MEM)---Soup is Good
    F Antawn Jamison (CLE)---Bellisimo
    F Tyrus Thomas (CHA)--Frostwolf
    G Devin Harris (NJN)---Bellisimo
    FG Corey Maggette (GSW)---Soup is Good
    CF JaVale McGee (WAS)--Soup is Good
    G Louis Williams (PHI)--Bellisimo
    FG Paul Pierce (BOS)--Bellisimo
    G Rodrigue Beaubois (DAL)---Bulldog
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