I feel this is really the make or break year for Brandon. With all our expirings we will be starting to look for players that can help us win.

We know that hibbert and granger are players for the future. Collinson was brought in early because we had the chance to do it.

A Stud PF is our main concern at this current time. But if rush has another season where he looks lost and content with not being aggressive on the offensive end do we continue to wait for him?

The positives. We know he is a defensive stud. I think he will be even better this year on that side of the court. That has never been his problem though.

He was the 15th best 3 point shooter last year. In a offense that is designed to jack up three pointers he took on average between 3 and 4 a game.

Shooting only 89 free throws last season that means he really only got to the line EVERY OTHER GAME. Is this acceptable from your starting shooting guard? I would like to see that number tripled from our starting shooting guard. On comparison in about the same number of minutes Danny granger in his second year got to the line 294 times. That being said, I do not know if I would want rush at the line any more than he is. Only shooting a amazing 62 percent. This is from one of the better 3 point shooters in the league. How can you shoot above 40 percent behind the arc yet only shoot 60 percent at the charity stripe.

At the 2 position he is the perfect height 6'6 and has the perfect athletic body weighing in at 210. But for some reason he does not use his gifts. I can tell he is not confident in himself in games, and if he does not make some easy shots early he often fades away from the ball. I would really like to see him start to take it to the rack. It seems its three ball or nothing for him, which is disappointing because he has the tools to finish in traffic.

This is a stat that I cannot figure out. He may average 1-2 assists per game. Should we expect more from him since he has limited output in ppg? If he is not putting the ball through the hoop shouldn't he be finding ways for his teammates to do so? Once again I believe this has to do with the 3 ball or nothing mentality.

I would like to sit here and think maybe its bad coaching. But from what I see JOB loves to have him on the court. I honestly think there is just a switch in his head that is not flipped to the up position.

I really hope he is training hard this season and is looking to turn his career around. Because as it sits now I am afraid he is going to be at the end of someones bench or out of the league here in a few years because he will no longer have potential.