I was thinking about a smaller deal surrounding us getting Thompson.

SAC gets:

N. Mohammed
L. Stephenson
2011 Indiana Second Rounder
Cash $3M from Indiana to pay toward Nazr's salary

CHA gets:

TJ Ford
D. Jackson

IND gets:

J. Thomspon

We incorporate CHA in a deal surrounding J. Thomspon with SAC. Charlotte gets TJ Ford and Darnell Jackson would help fill in their two biggest needs at PG and PF. Charlotte takes on a little salary this year by giving up Nazr's expiring.

Sacramento has their clear cut starters this year in Cousins and Delmbert, with Landry the first off the bench. They give up Thompson for Stephenson and a second rounder basically. They fill out their backup spot with Nazr who is expiring. They take on a little salary in this deal, but I think Stephenson will fit well with Tyreke long term. Both are players that can handle the ball well and score proficiently. You could take advantage of matchups better in that regard and minimize weaknesses defensively in those rotations. Thompson seems like the odd man out in their front court anyway.

We get Thompson who provides us with a PF/C who is young, tough and rebounds well. Defensively, he could use some work, but I think a lot of that is just inexperience. We give them Lance, who is extremely talented, but we have no leniency for him. We give them a high second next year, plus they pick up some salary from Nazr's expiring that can bolster their depth at C for a year. We basically pay for half of Nazr's contract.

You could just as interchangably insert Carl Landry for Jason Thompson. I prefer Thompson who is bigger and can play some backup center minutes. I think the Kings prefer Landry to Thompson and therefore would be more inclined to trade Thompson.