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Thread: Question: Will you trade Danny Granger to Denver for Carmelo Anthony?

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    Default Re: Question: Will you trade Danny Granger to Denver for Carmelo Anthony?

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    Okay, Melo is a better player, yes, but how much better really. Offensively it's obvious that Melo is better. Defensively, I would make the case that Danny is a better disrupter than Melo, but Melo is better on the glass. Melo is not really worth the max deal that he would demand, and Granger is worth every penny. Granger and Melo are very close in terms of shooting ability, but Melo gets the shot easier, BARELY. In fact, Danny gives Melo fits on defense. Melo is not that great at the end of the game taking the game winner, and Danny is his equal there. Melo can't win with one of, probably the best supporting cast in the league. Maybe, Danny could, we don't really know? Melo top 2/3 SF, Danny top 5-7 SF. Name seven SF's better than Danny.

    If the deal was made striaght up, I don't think we would be any better. Melo is considered a NBA elite, but is definitely 2nd tier. He's no James, Bryant or Wade. He's a scorer that's it. Danny's a scorer that has great hands on defense and costs less, so to me, in the interest of building a better team, you keep Granger and leave the prima donna for stupid teams like the Knicks. It's a front office no brainer in my opinion.

    Carmelo's game winners^^^....he's had A LOT more than Danny.

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