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    Default IND/CHA/TOR/SAC

    So we already know there was something goin on between 3 of these teams in the last deal....add Sacremento and it could get intriguing...

    Indiana Gets:
    1-Jason Thompson
    2-Gerald Henderson

    Indiana gets Thompson who is potentially our PF of the future and Henderson to replace Rush. I think Thompson is probably worth Rush alone much less being able to get another prospect arguable with more upside than Brandon. This also allows us to sign Rolle as it frees up roster spots.

    Charlotte Gets:
    1-Jose Calderon
    2-Dahntay Jones
    3-Donte Greene

    Charlotte gets the PG they wanted in Calderon as well as a defensive swingman in Jones who fits the style of play that Larry brown likes & a young prospect in Donte Greene. They do this without having to give up there asset of Dampier's contract which they can simply turn into cap space, or use as further trade bait. They do give up Henderson & Augustine here, but neither seem to be part of the plan in Charlotte anyway.

    Toronto Gets:
    1-TJ Ford
    2-Solomon Jones

    Purely a salary dump for Toronto which is all they seemed to want anyway. Also gives them a viable 1 year rental on Ford as a backup PG. He actually had a solid season as just that his last year in Toronto. Jones is a throw in but will give them added size up front and also has an expiring deal.

    Sacremento Gets:
    1-DJ Augustine
    2-Brandon Rush
    3-Nahzee Mohammed

    Sacremento gets 2 young prospects in Rush and Augustine who both I think wil flourish in a new system away from the overly meddlesome coaches they currently play for. Rush would be a great backcourt with Evans along with Casspi, Cousins, Landry, & Whiteside you have a nice young core to build around. Mohammed is also helpful as an expiring contract.

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    Default Re: IND/CHA/TOR/SAC

    I like it for all teams but maybe give a 2nd rounder to the kings. I love it for us. We also cut a lot of payroll.

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