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    Lots of good interviews the last few days. I'm probably half way through the podcasts I've found.


    Chad Ford says he has elite quickness.

    Just glowing reviews of Collison and the trade, across the board.

    Discussion about pick and pop and if the Pacers have the players to run that with DC.

    Lance Stephenson:

    Chad Ford compared him to Tyreke Evans. Wells to Tyreke with ability to bull his way to the basket, but looking more to pass.

    Morway was asked who was the second point guard and he identified Lance. Surprising that Morway said this, really.

    TJ Ford:

    Wells points out buyout offer in August doesn't work for TJ since most teams have their intended PGs and he couldn't make up the difference with a new teams contract.


    Mark Boyle points out not to underestimate his impact on the youngsters and lockeroom. He was a huge part of championships in Miami and Boston.

    Obie told Wells that Granger and Posey could play mins at the 4 to make up for Murphy leaving. (originally reported by UB)

    Wells thought there was a chance he's moved to alleviate logjam at the wings.

    D Jones:

    Wells thought D Jones was mostly likely to be moved to lessen logjam at wing.


    Two different source said Brandon is playing really well this summer. Earl Watson has played with him all summer and Brandon hasn't been indecisive driving, shooting, and passing. And this is in games with other NBA players.

    Disclaimer: this is me paraphrasing from memory, so take it for whats it worth.

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